Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lynx Liberation Communique

Lynx Liberation Communique

Plum Creek Che
Down from the mountains

Comandante Lynx, Presente!
down from the mountains.
Comandante Wolf, Presente!
down from the mountains.
Comandante Moose, Presente!
down from the mountains.
Comandante Loon, Presente!
down from the mountains
with courage and strength
for the struggle to live
free in your own lands
to bring democracy
to biodiversity -
courage and strength
to stop the roads
No Pasaran!
to stop the clearing, the destruction,
the dying
Presente, Comandante,
Brothers, Sisters
We stand with you.

Gary Lawless


Karla Linn said...

Bravo, Gary. Love the voices of the animals in support of the lynx.

Good to talk to you today. Once again, I'll say: Keep up the fine work on behalf of lynx, loon...


BobW said...

Oh Gary,
I too stand with my brothers and sisters, the Lynx, the Wolf, the Coyote, the Moose and all the other creatures of the woods and the sky, great and small. The destruction seems so endless, Plum Creek, TransCanada, Western Mountain Foundation, on and on. Its sad to part of the species doing all the destroying of the earth.

Thank you for the Lynx Liberation Communique ...a simple and stirring declaration of the rights of all species to be free, with the wonderful photo of the Lynx. You expressed what had to be said... what needs to be said every day on this planet.

Bob W.

NancyH said...


Petroff said...

Sign me up, grrrrr-ee!

joshua o said...

i wonder how i will learn to stand with my brothers and sisters of destruction... how will my love transform them?

the revolution is in the heart... in the open hand that will demand less and offer more... what can i offer the appetite of progress... how can i bait it away from my wild family... hook it on a new line...

i do not speak lynx or moose or loon... but i understand freedom...and i understand beauty and i understand grace...

there is no war... there is a road... and i am the toll... i am the fee... i am the arrival and i am the way... home. i am here.

thank you

ewald said...

I stand. I will not yield. K

Len-Feste said...

You've gone too far this time, lawless one. Lynx rhymes with sphinx, both fur-footed inscrutables, accepting aid from no one, risky to invoke. I'll have to come up there to GulfOMaine and howl some Chinese Coyote syllabic sense into your tufted Caribouddhist ears. How does May 30, 7pm sound? See you then.