Thursday, March 15, 2012


artwork by Stephen Petroff


Bodhidharma came from the West
riding on the back of a caribou.
He brought me sardines
packed in the ice of glaciers.
He told me that bears are gods,
that birds are songs.
He told me that plants
are great teachers.
He told me to listen to granite.
He left behind relics,
bones and bits of fur,
here in my heart.

Gary Lawless


Peter Harris said...

The poem itself is a darn nice relic.

Barbara Spring said...

I really really like this.

Art Goodtimes said...

gary, can i use this poem for my Way of the Mountain poetry column in the Mountain Gazette? non-exclusive one-time use with anthology rights. payment is a copy and entry in an annual Mountain Gazette poetry prize contest. but more, i just want folks to see this great poem... i have my Caribuddhist sticker on my honda civic (280,000 miles and still rolling)...